Quartier Lichtenberg, Berlin 1.Bauabschnitt: Irenen-/Meta-/Friedastra├če

Renovation of a listed apartment block

Property particulars:

  • 7,000 sqm. rental space
  • 200 rental units

Project volume:

5,000,000 Euro


  • 2010 project study
  • 2011 planning for first building phase
  • 2012 procurement, construction


Creation of project study, acquisition planning and project management (LP 1-6) for the first phase

Owner / representative:

Project management, Volker M├╝ller for Dupuis Asset Management under contract to the owner, GSW Immobilien AG

Special features:

Building permits (listed building), balcony extensions, merging of apartments

Note: This reference does not concern an Immpex project, but its management was responsible for the relevant activities as part of their earlier work.

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